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David HoffmeisterDavid Hoffmeister is a living demonstration of the principles of the deep teachings of non-duality, Self-realization, and A Course in Miracles (ACIM). Through countless miracles, he learned that he could perfectly trust the Holy Spirit to provide for him and guide him through every situation, without exception. Everything he seemed to do for Spirit’s Purpose was divinely Given. After many years of commitment to unwinding from the stranglehold of egoic thoughts and beliefs, he began to experience a Pure Mind.

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David began his journey to spiritual Awakening in 1986 when he encountered A Course in Miracles and recognized it as the tool he had been seeking for a radical transformation of his mind and perceptions. In the early years, David studied the Course with passionate intensity, often reading it for eight or more hours a day. After two years of this study, David began to seek the company of other students of ACIM, attending as many as five groups per week. He was startled to find that a Voice was speaking through him with great authority, so that many began referring their questions to him.

Among family members, friends, and teachers, David was always known for questioning everything, rather than accepting conventional answers. Thus, he was delighted to find in the Course support and encouragement from the Voice of Jesus for his careful examination of every idea, belief, concept, and assumption in his mind. Jesus became David’s internal teacher, answering his every question, guiding him to hand over the day-to-day management of all relationships, circumstances, and events in his life, and providing inner discernment.

In 1991, David was impelled to make another leap of trust and began traveling around the United States and Canada, sharing his clarity of understanding related to A Course in Miracles. He followed Jesus’ instructions to “become as a child,” allowing himself to be totally dependent on the Holy Spirit for money, transportation, shelter, food, and even the words to speak at countless ACIM gatherings, churches, metaphysical and spiritual groups, and a host of holy encounters with people who knew nothing of the Course. David found that it was his constant joy and peace that was the best teacher in all encounters, and that it was this peace that all his brothers and sisters were seeking. The Voice of Jesus told David, as it had instructed the apostles 2,000 years before: “Freely you have received; freely give.” Thus, David has never charged for his time, teaching, or any of the many materials he gives away, but has been supported entirely by love offerings. In all his years of traveling and sharing the wisdom of Christ, David has become a living demonstration of the principles of A Course in Miracles, such as the following lessons:

“I am sustained by the Love of God.” (ACIM, W-50)
“I am the light of the world.” (W-61)
“I will step back and let Him lead the way.” (W-155)
“In my defenselessness my safety lies.” (W-153)
“God’s Will for me is perfect happiness.” (W-101)

David was guided to a small house in 1996. It became a place of quiet and meditation between travels but also a place where he could welcome those desiring to step back from the world and go deeply within the mind to discover the Christ within. David’s time at the Peace House opened a new phase of his ministry as Holy Spirit guided him to acquire computers and use internet technology. The result was the making of a number of websites. His main website, Foundation for the Awakening Mind, today offers a huge array of resources related to A Course in Miracles and the metaphysics of Christ.

Always a lover of music, and seeing it as a path to God in its own right, David has set up a number of Musicians Pavilions on his website highlighting a variety of artists who share spiritual ideas through music. Also available on the site are video clips of television interviews he has done, audio recordings of gatherings and teaching sessions, searchable archives, and writings such as Mind Overhaul, Purpose Is the Only Choice, and the Movie Watcher’s Guide To Enlightenment (David sees movies as another helpful path to God).

While the internet ministry was unfolding, a friend was inspired to establish a non-profit organization, the Foundation for The Awakening Mind, which now serves as a framework for coordinating all aspects of the ministry and for handling larger donations. All donations help David continue to share the experience of Christ’s Divine Love or Perfect Oneness.

David Hoffmeister has traveled extensively since 1996, sharing the experience of God’s unconditional Love that is reached through forgiveness. Some people have expressed getting tired at just seeing his travel schedule in an email! However, David experiences so much energy and inspiration pouring through him that he does not experience fatigue. David travels the world shining the Light of God’s Love wherever there is a strong Invitation. All gatherings are offered freely, and donations and love offerings make the travels and free online resources available to tens of thousands of people.

Touched By the Spirit

“When I first met David I thought to myself  ‘Oh, he’s just like me!’ There was an instant recognition of Love, of peace, of gentleness and happiness. What I then came to realize over the following two years was that I recognized my highest “qualities” in David – states that I enjoyed fleetingly – but that he lived in them as a constant experience.

How can I express the gratitude in my heart to one who has helped me to extract and release all that is not Love from my mind and my heart, to one who has joined with me and supported me over and over again to awaken to the Love of God, to eternal life, to my true Self?

I have never met anyone as tireless, as entirely selfless, and totally Christ-ish as David. His intention and motivation is always for the highest good of all concerned. David’s purpose is sharing and extending  joy and happiness with a message of valuing only what is of the highest value. I did not know what was important and it has taken great humility and great trust to continue to surrender all that I believed about my life and my values in order to learn of true Love and to experience the peace of God. The guidance that has come through David time and time again has been the same, it is always beyond the personal perspective and it is completely in alignment with the truth. Only the Holy Spirit can be this uncompromising and consistent.

I have witnessed thousands of miracles during my time with David. His state of awareness is beyond the limitations and beliefs of this world and being in the flow of the miracle is natural. We have experienced spontaneous weddings, physical healings, and total transformations from depression and what seems to have been years of anger to joy and peace.

There are not many on this planet who live the deepest teachings of Jesus Christ, St. Francis, Buddha, Krishnamurti, and Mother Theresa which involve owning nothing and trusting totally in Divine Providence. It is from this total devotion to God that David was able to become completely free of all attachments and worldly concerns, making him a clear channel through which the Holy Spirit shines.

My gratitude for David’s unwavering devotion to God is beyond words. The gifts that I have received through joining in this shared devotion are so far beyond description. The peace that I now experience and live in is everything.”
~ In Love eternal, Kirsten Buxton

“My Beloved David, It has been sometime since I’ve written directly to You, even though every time I write to Kirsten you are of course included in the Love. I keep reading and reading all these wonderful messages and materials you share and I am overwhelmed by gratitude and devotion. Thank You God!

I Love You in the Love of God, where we meet in Heaven. Thank You so much David. I could have never imagined meeting You would make such changes towards my inner peace. Thanks again. I still keep in mind my desire to come and spend some time with you and Kirsten and Jeffrey (Family) at the Peace House, just for healing, just for praying and sharing some quiet time. Soon I feel … soon….

David, Mi Amor, Te Amo tanto…. Thanks, always thank You. Blessed are You for being in my life, for shining your light on my path, for your solid presence within… Thanks for your trust and for your Love, Thanks. I love you profoundly, here – now, forever.”
~ Carolina Corada

“I first found David’s website when I was living with my husband in an EXTREMELY angry and difficult relationship. I had been a student of the Course for many years and had never known another one/student. as I read David’s article about relationship, I came back to it over and over in a three month period.

The message was showing me that I was causing all of my painful experience through my false beliefs and fear. I couldn’t even completely absorb it for a long time. When my marriage ended and I found myself alone with a tiny baby, I contacted David. he was so informal and engaging. nothing I said to him seemed weird or unusual. He was so kind and helpful, instantly a Brother/brother.

At that time in my life I was terrified of men and afraid of hurting myself with regard to them again. I asked David to come and stay with us and he did. He came through the door with no agenda and only peace in and on his mind. I noticed right away that my hands didn’t tremble and my stomach wasn’t queasy with nervousness when I was around him.

David has become my dear dear friend. He is in my heart forever and ever. being with him and learning from him has healed my mind in so many ways. I learned not from the words he spoke, but from the WAY he IS.

There is so much that I could write. these are just a few of the examples I could expand on.

I am completely and totally devoted to my Brother/brother David because of his devotion. I told him once that my function was to Love him forever no matter what. no matter how many times the world shall place him on a pedestal to knock him down, I will see him truly forever. that is MY devotion to HIM.”
~ Lee Catalano

“Your friendship is a wonderful gift to me. I know our paths will cross again soon. I feel deep gratitude for you brother. Your presence in our mind is a great Blessing to the entire Sonship. Love, Gary” 
~ Gary Renard, author of The Disappearance of the Universe and Your Immortal Reality

“When you listen to David Hoffmeister you hear the Holy Spirit. This is no ordinary man, not a teacher, not a font of wisdom, not even a guru seeking a following. David is a Master and comes to us as a conduit for the voice of Holy spirit. He will not lecture us, he has nothing to share and nothing to prove or have you believe. Yet what you hear, what you witness will be want you have always wanted…….The purity of the message leaves no doubt as to the Source. The two weeks I spent in David’s company left me in a completely different state of consciousness. Imagine if you can, being together with someone who has no judgments, makes no comparison, has no preferences and no attachment to outcome. Totally transformative. For to be with this energy eventually you have to align with it and when you do all worldly perceptions drop away and the true realization of the Kingdom is not only felt but seen in everything that you see around you, touch and those you meet. Simply awesome.”
~ Raj Miles -Editor of Elohim Magazine

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