The Dream, David Hoffmeister, ACIM A Course In Miracles

You are dreaming a dream, a nightmare. You can’t change the dream of the world. You can only learn to see it for what it is and wake up from it. Enlightenment is not a part of the dream. Nor is denial of the existence of the body—saying it is all an illusion. We work from the bottom up. We start with what you believe to be true. The appropriate use of denial is to deny the belief that error can hurt you. Nothing outside you can harm you.

We teach a deep mind training process. The Holy Spirit does not change the dream of the world. Rather He uses symbols to guide you and show you the world differently, to help you to expand your self-concept. We bring illusions to the truth. The goal of the Course is to show you the happy dream.

The dreaming of being a character in the dream is what needs to be seen and forgiven. This is a world of broken dreams, and there is no dream control. Even the dream “cast of characters” that is part of the dream story is all part of the mesmerism of the dreaming mind (the mind that is sleeping and dreaming of exile).

A lucid dream can be empowering, but it is still a dream. Nighttime dreams and daytime dreams are all the same as they are all part of the “dreaming of the world.”